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I am originally from Canada but am very pleased to call Scotland home! I have always been passionate about helping others and have engaged in various volunteer helping roles both locally and abroad from assisting children's groups, teaching English as a Second Language, community support work, and of course, mental health support. 

I am deeply committed to the process that is counselling and psychotherapy. I believe that so much can be gained through deep, non-judgmental listening to my clients and by taking the time to explore their life stories with them. I work from a Person-centred theoretical perspective that is informed by Psychodynamic theory. This means that I embrace the here-and-now experiences of my clients and encourage them to come just as they are, meanwhile holding an awareness that our past experiences are often formative and that by exploring the past together, we can better understand, and embrace who we are today.

Prior to becoming a counsellor, I worked as a support worker offering support services for those struggling with mental health concerns and addictions.  My experience has provided me with the experience to assist those worried about loved ones struggling with addiction. 

I offer a safe, calming, and confidential environment where you can feel free to express who you are as we engage in the counselling process together.

My office is located in Leith and I currently have in-person and online appointments available.

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